Thursday, January 17, 2008


Heather of Errant Dreams Reviews posted reviews of Ember and Like a Thief in the Night. I think I will take up embroidery so I can stitch quotes* from those reviews onto a warm, fuzzy quilt. When the weather turns cold, I can curl up on the couch with the quilt around my shoulders and a hot cup of tea in my hands, and I'll feel just the way I did when I read the reviews. ::sigh::

Ann Aguirre--talented author; email correspondent of La Nora; and recipient of a kickass cool cover blurb for her forthcoming novel, Grimspace, from none other than the awesome Sharon Shinn--also wrote a review of Like a Thief in the Night. Which I also love. That one, I think I will stitch into a warm scarf to wear outside when it's cold like it is tonight--terribly windy and barely 40 degrees. Brrrr!

I will keep those reviews close when someone inevitably finds my characters too unlikable to bear, or gets annoyed by my "everything and the kitchen sink" approach to genre, or notices that place on page 73 where I used the same adjective twice in two paragraphs.

Now, I'll go to sleep. It's a quarter to two, and the work-week from hell hasn't yet let go of me. Good night.

* All quotes will be properly noted and attributed--perhaps on a matching pair of socks. As footnotes. Foot notes. Ugh! I think I really need sleep. I always get punny when I'm tired.