Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sing It Like Prince: Controversy

To quote the Purple One, "I just can't believe all the things people say (Controversy!) ". There seems to be a whole lot of postin' going on at Smart Bitches, Karen Scott, Kate R. and other sites regarding the Shomi authors who dressed as their characters at the RWA convention, the role of blogging, and what constitutes a personal attack. I'm not about to join the flame wars, and I'm not here to offer another opinion on Professionalism v. Publicity. Plenty of people have done that, and, frankly, I'm bored with it. (I'm also too lazy to add links to the other blogs mentioned above. Most of 'em are linked in the side bar, so click away.)

But here's the thing about controversy: for the price of a couple of pairs of thigh highs, Shomi generated a hell of a lot of buzz. To be honest, I'm beyond caring about the authors' behavior. Instead, I'm wondering what Shomi books are like. Are Shomi heroines as daring and ire-inspiring as Shomi authors? 'Cause that might make for a good book. If I had room in my budget for two more books this month, I'd buy Liz Maverick's and Marianne Mancusi's titles. Heck, given my poor impulse control, I'll probably buy them anyway.

Controversy has a way of generating public interest, even when the publicity seems bad. So here's the $65,000* Question: Will there be fewer authors in costume at next year's RWA* conference in San Francisco, or more?

*$65,000 not included / I'm not affiliated with RWA.