Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This is Not a Review: Wired by Liz Maverick

Wired, by Liz Maverick
Other people who have read this book--people who write actual reviews and not just arbitrary judgments, como yo --have noted that this book really isn't a romance, and I agree. Wired is more of a Sci-Fi adventure than it is a romance--not that there's anything wrong with that. Except, of course, that if a book is billed as a romance, other readers might expect it to be about, you know, romance.

Synopsis: Roxanne is walking to 7-11 one night when two men appear in the street and start fighting with each other--over her. One of them is Mason Merrick, Roxanne's old roommate's hot ex boyfriend, and the other is Leonardo Kayser, a suave Englishman of dubious moral virtue. Mason and Leonardo are "wire-crossers" from the future who can reroute events in the past to alter the reality of the present. Both men want a piece of code that our girl Rox hasn't even written yet.

Roxanne feels some attraction for both men, but there's never any doubt as to who she'll end up with. And, as most of the story revolves around Roxy's attempts to understand the whole wire-crossing thing and take charge of her destiny, there's not so much room for romance, anyway.

Maverick's writing style is fast-paced and engaging. Roxanne is a likable first-person narrator but the story suffers from some of the common downfalls of first-person POV: a vague sense of setting and secondary characters that never really come to life. The story was a good read, and though the narrative pulled me along, it never quite pulled me in.

Wired made for great vacation reading, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for the paperback equivalent of a mid-tier summer action movie.

Rating: On a scale of 2007 Summer Action Movies, with Fantastic 4 being the worst and The Bourne Ultimatum being the best, Wired, by Liz Maverick would be...

Live Free or Die Hard:
(Not quite what I expected, but with this much fast-paced action, who cares?)