Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Man, A Plan, A Canal -- Panama!

This has nothing to do with Panama. I just like palindromes.

About 11 months ago, I wrote a post about a story that was almost finished. It was the Original "The Bitter End". That story, the "Untitled Sci-fi" is very close to finished. But I still haven't finished it. It's one of the stories that I mapped out and outlined before I got in touch with my inner seat-of-the-panster. Maybe that's why I'm having no luck finishing it--there's no suspense left in the writing.

In the time since I wrote that post, I've written two short stories, and started on a full-length novel about which I am very excited. But my "Untitled Sci-fi" nags at me. So here's my goal: I will finish that story by August 28, 2007 -- a year to the day that I first complained about it.