Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Books I Will Buy When I am No Longer Broke

The Rest Falls Away, by Colleen Gleeson
I give up, I give in. I've seen a bunch of good reviews for this book, and the comparisons to Buffy intrigue me. What better book to read while I'm baking on the beach than a book about vampire slayers.

God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens
I am loving those clips of Hitchens on Fox News making the talking heads look like idiots. Oh, [Insert deity or scientific principle of your choice here], why can't there be a droll drunken Brit on Fox News every day?

Our First Revolution by Michael Barone
Comparing the American Revolution to the Glorious Revolution?! Squee! Yes, I am a huge history geek. I saw this guy on the Daily Show and I've been all hot and bothered about the book ever since.

Not Quite A Lady by Loretta Chase
From history to historicals. I must admit that I am less than thrilled by the premise of this book (I hear it contains a secret baby) but I adore Loretta Chase to the point that I will actually be sad if she writes another Meh book. The sad truth of my fickle favor is that I hold authors whose writing I like and admire to a much higher standard than authors whose writing style I don't much care for.

Dark Thirst (Anthology)
I read an excerpt from Monica Jackson's story in this book on her site, and ever since I've been wondering how it ends. Donna Hill always does good work, too. I'm not so hot about Omar Tyree, but I welcome the opportunity to change my opinion.