Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Romantic Advances

OMG! So, like, there's this new site that has like every upcoming romance novel on it! So, like, you totally don't have to search around across a bunch of different publisher sites to see what's out each month!

Eh-hem. Pardon my outburst of girlish glee. (Little-known fact, my inner fan-girl is also a valley girl. I'm from LA, okay? So sue me.)

Those two lovely Ja(y)nes over at Dear Author got together with a bunch of friends and put together a site called Romantic Advances that just may be the best thing since Kaldi (blessed be his name) discovered the coffee bean - a single website that lists all upcoming romance novel releases, with information and links to purchase.

I may be Bettie-come-lately to this tidbit of info, but that doesn't mean I'm not thrilled to the caffeine-soaked marrow of my being. Get on over and check it out.