Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hair: the Redux - A Re-do

So I did it. I chopped my spiral locks. I've shorn myself of my womanly pride and joy, and hot damn, does it feel good! Chic, sleek, stylish, hot, young, daring - a girl could get used to this constant stream of compliments. The hubby loves it, and strange men have once again started asking for my number (which the hubby does not love). The public has spoken: I rock the short hair.

Which leads me to reexamine the few complaints I get from a minority of middle-aged people who may be related to me that short hair is "manly" and "unfeminine". I realize such views may just be the result of an antiquated take on gender, but what the fuck is up with women who think their hair hair is somehow tied to their femininity?

I understand women who rock the long locks. I know a few who have ass-length hair that is so thick and shiny and pretty it's been known to distract passing motorists. But if the only reason you're still dragging a summer of love length 'do around behind you is because of stupid, gender-based insecurities, then maybe you need to get to a shrink before your next appointment with your hairdresser.