Saturday, September 9, 2006

See You Next Tuesday

Oh no, I did it. I slipped up and used the "c" word in print. Specifically, I referred to fictional character Meredith Grey of Grey's Anatomy as "a sandy little cunt" in my comments on Monica Jackson's scattered, but thought-provoking Romancing the Blog post.

The instant I hit "submit comment" I thought, "Oh shit, that phrase could be fucking offensive."

But then I wondered why I was worried. I don't find the word offensive when used by women. Especially as in my preferred mode of use - "sandy little cunt". The people, places and things who receive that designation from me are about as pleasant as having sand in one's tender parts. "Cunt" is not the bad part of the phrase. Nope, just like in life, the bad part is the sand.

Unfortunately, "cunt" is most often used as a derogatory, objectivizing insult toward women, just as "pussy" is often used as a derogatory, feminizing insult toward men. Isn't it strange how men all over the world can spend the better part of their lives chasing, thinking about and dreaming about something, and then turn around and reduce the home-run of their sexual aspirations to a demeaning insult?

I'm for taking the words back - or over.

Step 1: Positive Associations.
We women should make sure that any man who wants pussy should respect pussy. And that means a man can't call his one of his boys a pussy for missing a basket, or call the woman who cut him off on the freeway a cunt. There's this old play called Lysistrata. Read it. Learn it. Do it - or, er, don't do it.

Step 2: Set a Good Example
Erotic authors often use "pussy", and occasionally use "cunt". Truth be told, I much prefer those words to purple phrases like "her quivering love chunnel". Good, old-fashioned words like "vagina" also work just fine as far as I'm concerned (YMMV).

Step 3: Stop Avoiding It
Stop using similar-sounding words, or dancing around the subject. Just say what you mean, and don't be ashamed.

Well, that's it 4 me. C U Next Tuesday!